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Pakiza Spinning Mills Ltd.

Pakiza Spinning Mills Ltd is a local and export oriented yarn-manufacturing factory, which was established in the year 1997 in Bhagiratapur, Sheikherchor, Madhavdi, Bangladesh. The factory has the capacity to produce about 150000 kg yarn per year. Our advanced spinning facilities and our experienced technical team ensures that our customers get best quality yarn. In Pakiza Spinning Mills Ltd we produce many different counts of yarn suitable for both knitted and woven fabrics.


Pakiza Spinning Mills Ltd is one of the most modern spinning mills in Bangladesh producing 150000 kg yarn per year.

We produce top quality cotton yarn at different counts for 100% export market as well as local market. All the yarns are electronically cleared, auto coned and auto-spliced at extreme perfection. To make the contamination free yarn, the mill has got a unique cotton sorter device with sonic and optic sensor. This enables the machine to clear color as well as White or Transparent (PP) Contaminant in the raw cotton. The QCA laboratory is well equipped with world's NO.1 latest USTER machinery. A group of well-trained professionals have been working round the clock to ensure Optimum quality. The most unique feature of our yarn is Consistency in quality.

One of the most important parameters to ensure quality product is "the quality of machinery" and Lab equipment.


Pakiza Cotton Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd is a self-sufficient factory with all the necessary utilities. It has water treatment plant to clean the water before using in the factory. The company’s gas-burn generators guarantee uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours a day to all of the operations in the factory.


ProductsCount (Ne)
Carded Yarn (for Knit)20 to 36
CVC (60/40)24 to 34
Carded Yarn (For Woven)51 and 80
Rotor Yarn20

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