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Mom Tex Ltd was established in 2012 in Shilmandi Narsingdi, Bangladesh. The factory has the capacity to dye and print 2,50,000 meter fabric per day. Our advanced dyeing facilities and our experienced technical team ensures that our customers get products with the best designs, brightest colours and excellent fastness. In Mom Tex Ltd we dye, print and finish sharee, 3 piece, dress materials, voil, poplin, bedsheets and do finishing of lunge.


In Mom Tex Ltd we make sure that every meter of fabric goes through each and every dyeing process (singeing – scouring – bleaching – mercerizing – Dyeing/Printing – finishing). For scouring and bleaching we have Dhal Continuous Souring and Bleaching Machine (CBR) and for mercerizing we have Continuous Mercerizing machine. We have 16 jiggers for dyeing. There are 2 Stork Rotary Printing Machines, 7 Ten-Colour Flatbed Printing Machine and table printing facilities for printing shares, 3-pieces, bed-sheets and other products.

The advance finishing machines in Mom Tex Ltd enable us to provide our customers with the best quality products. Our rope washing machine, Sanforizing machine, Stenter and loop steamer helps us to produce excellent dyeing and printing quality with very good fabric handle (smooth hand feel). Both bowl calendar and felt calendar machines are available in our factory which enables us to give variety of finishes to the fabric.


Mom Tex Ltd is a self-sufficient factory with all the necessary utilities. It has water treatment plant to clean the water it intakes for use in the dyeing plant. The factory owns a gas boiler and thermo-boiler which supplies the required steam to the various machines. Two gas-burn generators guarantee uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours a day to all of the operations in the factory.

To keep the environment clean and to help the habitants around enjoy a quality living, Mom Tex Ltd has established a fully Biological ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant), with capacity of 100 Cubic meters a day.

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